Quality and Environmental Policy

The Periskal manual describes the controlled manner in which the processes involved in managing the activities within Periskal are achieved and is part of the management system of Periskal.
The manual takes into account the requirements for quality management systems as laid down in the international standard ISO 9001:2015 and the requirements for environmental management systems as laid down in the international standard ISO 14001:2015.

The scope of the Periskal managementsystems is valid for Sales, project management, software development and maintenance, support and service of navigation software for the inland shipping, fishing and maritime navigation including related services (i.e. Cartography).

The policy of the Periskal management is aimed at carrying out and maintaining the procedures in an effective and economically sound manner. The aim of the management system is to ensure the proper functioning of the internal organization of Periskal and to keep evaluating critically, in order to better meet the expectations of employees, customers and other stakeholders.

The management of Periskal confirms that the products and services related to the navigation applications for inland navigation comply with the law and relevant regulations issued by various national and international institutions and organizations. Our products and services also meet the requirements set by the Periskal customers and the shipping industry.

The Periskal organization is linked to the environment and also to the changes that occur in it. For Periskal it is important to ensure that the products and services contribute as much as possible to a healthy environment.
Periskal is not a so-called production company but merely an administrative organization. Belgium has no specific environmental requirements in the form of laws and regulations to which an organization as Periskal must comply. The environmental policy therefore focuses on the protection of the environment and on those aspects on which Periskal can have an influence.  The environmental issues where the policy applies, are air, waste and energy.
The Periskal environmental policy reflects the different themes into practical applications to prevent, reduce or control the emission of pollutants or waste and to avoid or to reduce the adverse impact on the environment.

The Office & Quality Manager has been assigned as the management representative and quality coordinator. He is responsible for the design and maintenance of the management system.

The management representative represents the company to the official certification authority. The management team (MT) is responsible for initiating and working in accordance with the procedures and standards set out in the Periskal manual.

The quality coordinator is responsible for the publication and distribution of the relevant documentation. At least once a year a check is performed on all elements of the management system. This is documented in writing. The reporting of the findings and any proposed corrective and preventive actions are documented in writing and submitted to the management and to the responsible employees.

The Periskal employees mentioned in the manual are responsible for the implementation of the management system described in the manual.

Management Periskal Group

Marc Persoons & Wim Kalfsvel

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