I have no GPS information / I get 'Position not connected'

Go to the 'Help' menu and click on 'Test communication'. You get a small window and then click on 'Start'. The program automatically searches for the signal from the GPS and/or AIS transponder.
When at the bottom of the window 'Test terminated!' appears, then click on accept. The Periskal Viewer automatically restarts. If then the position is not back, please contact the helpdesk.

My mouse runs like crazy on the screen !

The cause of this is that the Windows function Plug & Play allows devices to detect and install  themselves. In this case the GPS is detected but not detected correctly, causing Windows to see and to install this device as a mouse. If you have this problem, you have to contact the helpdesk as soon as possible so they can disable this in the Device Manager of your PC.

The real position of my ship is not corresponding with the GPS signal.

If you have an older type of GPS (more than 15 years), it is possible that the position of your ship does not correspond on the map but has a deviation of approximately 100 m. You can adjust this in the menu 'System-Settings' by clicking on the 'NMEA' button. Here you can see 'WGS 84' in the third box to the right besides 'Position' at 'Setting'. To change this you need to click on the arrow next to it and choose Euro 50.

How and when can I order new charts ?

You can always order new charts for recent versions of the Periskal Inland ECDIS Viewer. With recent versions we mean systems of maximum one year old. Older systems must get updated software first. You can upgrade the software at any time by means of a maintenance contract.
All (inland) charts can be ordered from your dealer or directly from Periskal. According to your choice you will receive the charts by e-mail or on DVD.

Problem with automatic updating

Updating is done via the Periskal_Viewer_Updater.exe program. This client application makes an active connection to PVU.PERISKAL.COM on a port between 10000 and 11000. The application then receives an overview of available updates and retrieves them via FTP at on port 21.

Also check that the network you are connected to is registered on Private or Company Network and not as public. In most cases, the block is on the PC itself. In exceptional cases, the router has a problem with the network.


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