Periskal Inland ECDIS Viewer

The Periskal Inland ECDIS Viewer is already 30 years the standard software for navigation in inland shipping.



Periskal Viewer including Routeplanner

Periskal Viewer including Routeplanner The Periskal Inland ECDIS Viewer is the standard software for navigation in inland shipping. The program is connected with a GPS system and shows continuously the position of the vessel on the screen. The software is built conform the regulations of Inland ECDIS, a standard approved by the CCNR and Danube Commission. It follows all rules set out by the EU RIS Directive. All charts are in the S-57 format.

AIS option

AIS option With the AIS module it is possible to branch with the AIS transponder and to show other ships equipped with AIS on the map. All information coming from other ships can be displayed. This can be the dimensions of the ship, call sign, European ship number, cargo, destination etc.

Course Prediction

Course Prediction As a user of navigation software you know the phenomenon that the course of your ship isn’t always accurate. The problem is inherent to GPS and poses at the ‘lying still’ and ‘quick’ turning around of the ship. Periskal presents a valuable alternative based on two DGPS devices and the rate of turn indicator.

Argonics Autopilot Module

Argonics Autopilot Module Argonics autopilot module This module makes it possible to work with the Argonics Trackpilot.

Collision Alarm and warning

Collision Alarm and warning Collision alarm and warning Periskal has developed a function that detects potential collisions based on AIS data. Oncoming traffic or ships running behind, that come within a certain set distance are displayed differently, they get red blocks around the AIS symbol. You set the distance within which this function will work and you choose a minimum permitted distance. Every ship that will come within this set distance lights up in the chart. The potential collision is detected on the basis of...

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