AIS option

With the AIS module it is possible to branch with the AIS transponder and to show other ships equipped with AIS on the map. All information coming from other ships can be displayed. This can be the dimensions of the ship, call sign, European ship number, cargo, destination etc. The direction of the ship can be visualised by an arrow. In certain ares like Austria it is possible to receive waterlevel information via the transponder and to use it for the display of the chart.

The AIS interface is build according the international standards for seagoing AIS and the lastest Inland AIS standard as defined by Central Rhine Commission and Danube Commission.
The AIS can be used as a position device. With several types of AIS devices it is possible to communicate in two ways. This means that sending / receiving of messages can be done in an easy way via the software instead of the AIS itself. This gives also the possibility to set the "passengers on board" and "destination" directly from the software. You can also communicate easily with certain locks and bridges using the ETA Lock/bridge message. Communication with inland AIS like Nauticast A2, ACR, Saab R5, SRT, Furuno, Comnav, True Heading, Kongsberg, CNS, Periskal Black Box PM-1 etc... is build in the software and tested for proper working.

Fast changing of Navigation Status

On the bottom of the screen it is possible to switch immeadiately between "moored" and "underway using engine".

Working with Convoys

The AIS configuration for Convoys is very easy and allows immediate configuration of AIS parameters when the convoy is changed.

Working with Black Box transponders, approved MKD (Minimum Keyboard Display)

Periskal Inland ECDIS Viewer is approved to work as interface for black box transponders (transponders without keyboard and display) as the Periskal Mobile PM-1. Complete operation of the AIS can be done. The ECDIS Viewer is certified by German River Authorities to work as MKD.

For Seagoing vessels it is possible to control some vessel in the neighberhoud of the own vessel and to puth them in a "AIS Watch" window. There the CPA and TCPA is continiously calculated and displayed. It is working like an ARPA radar but the information is based upon the AIS transponder information of the other vessels.

In order to maintain an overview, the sailing ships appear with a name, the idle ships have no name.

How to activate AIS? Call our helpdesk: +32 3 669 57 36

The AIS module can be activated remotely via a code.

Periskal has been approved as official firm by the Central Rhine Commission for the installation of inland AIS equipment.


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