Course Prediction

As a user of navigation software you know the phenomenon that the course of your ship isn’t always accurate. The problem is inherent to GPS and poses at the ‘lying still’ and ‘quick’ turning around of the ship. One can solve the problem with a – very expensive – gyro compass or an expensive GPS compass.

Periskal presents a valuable alternative based on two DGPS devices and the rate of turn indicator. This option can also predict your heading and offer a clear asset. We have not jumped into conclusions prematurely and have done a lot of measurements on board before presenting them. A simple second antenna in front of the ship doesn’t give a good result and is often even worse. In the context we’ll zoom in into the technical aspects and give more examples of the devices to be used. Attention: the connecting of a rate of turn indicator is a job for a specialist and often requires some adapted hardware options.

Get in touch with your distributor or contact us. The cost of the course prediction option is 500 Euros ‘software’. An extra DGPS receiver and connection of the rate of turn indicator is not included.

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