Service contract

The benefits of a Periskal maintenance contract

1. Unlimited telephone support during office hours (weekdays) Installation of the program, installation of an update, provide information about the maps and the software, go over your settings, etc. Our people are there for you and also take the time to answer all your questions in order for your program to function optimally.

2. Three update DVDs per year or via Download with many changes to the cards A new full update comes out three times a year. In April, in August and in December, always with the most recent information. New bridges, new jetties, changes to VHF channels, new editions of maps, also the newly officially issued government maps. Every week you can retrieve urgent changes via the internet. You can install new map zones or new programs as soon as they are made available online. You will automatically receive a notification of this.

3. Software updates If you have a maintenance contract, you not only receive the most recent cards, you also receive a new software version (at least) three times a year. This way your software is always updated to the latest new developments. Urgent changes to the software are made available online. Separate modules for the new inland AIS transponders as standard are always available. Our software is constantly being worked on by a team of programmers, so that your product will NEVER age.

4. Use of online RIS services such as water levels, blue wave and messages to shipping If you have a 4G / Wifi or similar mobile connection on board, you can directly load the current water levels of the waterways through the program, these are processed in function of your draft and the map depth so that you always have the actual safe navigation depth.You can connect to the services of the Blue Wave, information about berths, bridge openings and and locks in the Netherlands.If you have a route planner, you can directly consult the messages to shipping, such as waterways, that you encounter online, and take this into account in your planning. In this way, when accepting a load, you will not be faced with any surprises on one of the many smaller waterways.

5. Functionalities in connection with Smartphones and Tablets It is possible to share the image of the navigation screen via the internal WiFi network on board and to make it visible on Smartphones and Tablets. An app is available for our customers in the (Google Play) App Store. With this function you can follow the navigation anywhere on board without being in the wheelhouse.With the Periskal

Tracking app (Google Play Store) you can follow your own ship anytime and anywhere. By default this is possible on one device with a limited history. Multiple users and more functionalities are possible at an additional cost.

It is sufficient to complete, sign and send the maintenance contract to us. Upon receipt, you will immediately receive the latest update DVD or download link and you will immediately have an updated system with the latest version without any additional costs.

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