Periskal Update

1 April 2020

Periskal update is now fully digital and automatic. Preparations for a full automatic online update have been underway for a long time, but the COVID-19 crisis has accelerated everything. Sending postal parcels across the border has been greatly disrupted, so that sending out the classic DVD would not yield much result at this time. That is why we have chosen to process the updates directly online. You also do not always have to be online, but occasionally when you start the program.

There is currently an update available for everyone. This update is approximately 400 Mb in size. When you start the program, it will automatically search for updates. (if an internet connection is available) If too many connections are active, the update will be postponed to the next start-up. During the day, if you have good internet, you can close the program and start it up again. During the day, the number of connections is usually lower and the update speed is higher. The chart zones will be updated later this month, only those maps that you actually have will be updated.

If you need urgent help outside office hours or during the weekend, please send us an email to

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