Successful implementation of Odra RIS

30 December 2013

The consortium Periskal cvba and RGO doo has successfully completed the implementation of Odra RIS. In a record time of 9 months a complete RIS infrastructure has been completed on the Lower Odra River in Poland.
For the competent authority Urzad Zeglugi Srodladowej w Szczecinie the following parts of RIS were realised:

- building and renovation of a RIS Centre with server infrastructure,
- building of a radio network with sensors on the Lower Odra,
- installation of masts and platforms with Wi-Fi equipment, radio links, cameras, radars, meteo sensors, water level measuring equipment, etc... ,
- installation of a VHF maritime radio infrastructure for communication,
- building of an AIS network with two base stations,
- installation of two DGPS reference stations,
- software applications for electronic reporting and for notices to skipper,
- software application for Hydro and Meteo information,
- an Inland ECDIS application for the display of AIS, radar and camera,
- an application for a telephone system,
- a web portal with all subsystems,
- infrastructure and production of Inland ECDIS charts,
- etc...

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