AIS is not only used for Tracking and Tracing purposes. It can also be used to transmit other types of information from shore to navigating vessels. The DGNSS corrections are one of these possibilities. Thanks to a reference station that will measure the differences between the real position and the signal received, a standardised correction message is generated and transmitted to the AIS Base station located in the neighbourhood of the reference station. Then, the message is broadcasted and received by all the vessels equipped with an AIS transponder. This type of correction is using the message type 17 of AIS.

Depending on the length of the waterway, one or more reference stations might be necessary to provide a good correction. The stations can be connected to the central monitoring system to follow their working status and the quality of the correction sent to the fairway users.

Key Features
• Easy to implement
• Possibility to use the existing AIS infrastructure


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