Network infrastructure

Periskal can deliver key solutions for central hardware which can be used in River Information Services. The company has the know-how and technicians to install a central server infrastructure state of the art. Periskal is ISO 9001-2015 certified and Microsoft Partner. Frequently a blade server environment is used with proper independent power supply. Different types of databases can be installed as well on separate infrastructure or can be configured in already an existing IT environment.

For the display of RIS information Periskal can supply and install wall mount screens in different setup and combinations. Typical workstation can be installed in the field and centrally maintained and supervised.

The monitoring of AIS and IT networks is possible via an in house developed monitoring tool. Based on predefined and requested SNMP traps the actual stations of the various functions of the RIS network can be monitored. Examples of these are: status of UPS and batteries, status of airconditioning and climate control, status of AIS transmitter, SWR errors, transmitting errors, status of routers and switches, status of power, status of DGPS monitoring, etc. A graphical overview and logical diagrams of the components are available. The necessary alerts via E-mail and/or SMS can be set for a follow up of the actual network status.


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