Notices to skipper / ERI


National and local authorities responsible for the Inland Waterway Navigation have to inform users about situations which may affect the safety or the availability of the network. It used to be distributed to the users over VHF, fax, etc. and, most of the time only in native language. Periskal has developed a Notices to Skippers Application based on the European Standards (currently NTS version 4.0) to propose a web application to provide information in such a way that notices are understandable regardless of the language. The standardization of the format (with a minimum of data entered as free text) allows them be available into 12 languages. Users can then access them directly on the website or by e-mail.

Thanks to their readable XML format, these notices can also be used in a route planning application, in Inland ECDIS application and in different web based applications. The standardized NtS enables 4 different types of notices:

  • Water Level
  • Weather Conditions / Forecast
  • Ice Condition
  • Fairway and Traffic

Key features

  • Compliant with the latest European Standards
  • Notices automatically available into 12 languages
  • Easy to enter new messages by NTS administrator
  • Possibility to distribute automaticaly waterlevel messages via NTS
  • Easy and reliable distribution of the notices to users via E-mail
  • Subscription module for users Included
  • Webservice available



Periskal can provide you a solution to implement an ERI (Electronic Reporting International) Module to offer a more convenient and simple way for the ship captains and owners to report their voyages, cargo, passengers and crew. Using this ERI system, you will completely replace the use of paper, fax or VHF during this reporting process to ensure both the availability of all important information and the data security.

The ERI system collects, stores and distributes reports about the voyage and cargo carried by the vessel and enables the authorities to review them in a standardized electronic format. This system is based on a web graphical user interface to create, publish and view reports.

The ERI module supports the following two basics messages:

  • ERINOT (Electronic Reporting International Notification Message): it is an obligatory message with a purpose to notify national authorities and, when necessary, port authorities about the voyage and cargo (dangerous and non-dangerous) details for the vessel which in navigating the inland waterways.
  • ERIRSP (Electronic Reporting International Response Message): it is used as an indication and confirmation that the ERINOT was received by the recipient of the ERINOT.

Key Facts

  • Compliant with the latest European Standards
  • Support external applications such as BICS (Binnenvaart Informatie en Communicatie Systeem)


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