Lock management / Reservation


Periskal can propose you a simple and integrated way to log all the actions performed during lock operation such as the vessels name, the amount of cargo, etc. The logging of locking events and relevant actions as well as report creation has already been computerized but the Lock Management System brings several additional functionalities and improvements that make logging of lock data more efficient and simpler.

The LMS can also be connected to other RIS systems such as:

  • Tracking & Tracing: Alarm zones can be set up in this system and checked by the LMS to get information about the approaching vessels
  • ERI: Lock operators may choose to get convoy details (including cargo and convoy composition details) from the available ERI reports (if they are available)
  • Hull Database: Lock operators have the option to search for the hull data set in the RIS hull database and automatically fill the hull details forms

Key Facts

  • Compliant with the latest European Standards
  • Logging of lock activities
  • Connected to other RIS systems to facilitate the lock operations and to minimize the chance for error



The Lock Reservation System is a tool that can be used to make available slot reservation in a lock. Especially in areas where the locking process takes significant time and/or the locking process needs precise planning there can be a need to allow Ship Operators to announce themselves long time in advance. Ship operators requiring precise planning can be e.g. Container Line operators or White Fleet operators. The successful operation of a container line service is highly dependant upon a reliable time schedule. The same principles apply for the White Fleet which has defined landing times in ports and has a fixed operation schedule months in advance.

The Lock Reservation System shows available slots in the locking system and allows pre-announcement and/or reservation. Proper user right management protects the data for unwanted use.

The Lock Reservation System can be linked to a National RIS system like AIS tracking service. In that case it is possible to check the position and ETA of announced vessels in advance. Automatically can be checked whether a vessel will indeed reach the lock on the announced time.

On the right some examples of the LIRP application developed within RISING.


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