Projects references: AIS and network infrastructure

AIS network in Belgium (Walloon part for SPW Wallonie)

Project started in June 2017, it is dealing with the installation of an AIS network on the waterway network in Belgium (Walloon part). The project includes the setup of a web based portal for tracking and tracing of vessels. Additionally the Inland ECDIS charts for the waterways will be produced.

AIS network on the Ganges River in India

Installation done during 2017 and 2018 on behalf of Inland Waterway Authorities of India.

Ten T founded Project Odra RIS in Poland

The project is dealing with the implementation of all RIS services in Poland on the lower Odra River. The project has an overall value of 2.8 Million Euro. Years 2012 - 2017.

On the Lower Odra River in Poland the following services have been installed :

  • Telecommunication network via wireless connections between all sensor points
  • CCTV network alongside the river
  • Hydro Meteo network of sensors and web based visualisation
  • VHF voice radio network alongside the river
  • Installation of a RIS Center for operators
  • Installation of communication towers and equipment
  • Installation of an AIS network and tracking and tracing web based server
  • Central server infrastructure
  • Inland ECDIS chart production including survey
  • Electronic Reporting facility
  • International Data Exchange System
  • Notice to Skipper central website


VNF French Waterway Authority

Installation of an AIS Base Station Network on the River Mosel in France. Years 2013 - 2014.

VNF French Waterway Authority

Installation of an AIS Base Station Network on the canalised part of the River Rhine on the border between France and Germany. Year 2014.

VTT project for CNR, RIS operator of the River Rhone in France

The project includes an installation of a VTT tracking and tracing system and the building of an AIS Base Station infrastructure along the waterway Rhône.  Year 2015.

VNF Saône France

Installation of an AIS Base Station Network on the River Saône and the Canal Rhone - Sète in the South of France. Year 2015.

VNF Mosel

Installation of Ecdis equipment, Radar and AIS on several ships of the waterway authorities in France. Year 2015.

Waterwegen en Zeekanaal and De Scheepvaart - Belgian RIS operators

Chart production of Inland ECDIS Charts v 2.3 of all inland Waterways in the Flemish part of Belgium. Years 2012 - 2018.

De Vlaamse Waterweg Belgian RIS Operator.

Support contract for Inland ECDIS togehter with ANTEA, 2018 -2022

SIF Project France: realised and in maintenance phase
Customer: VNF (Voies Navigables de France) 

Periskal has won the tender for the setup of RIS (River Information Services) in Northern France and the Seine. The project includes a diversity of aspects such as the construction of an AIS base station network, the equipment of approximately 20 ships, the setup of an internet web portal, etc. Various shipping companies such as CFT, Cemex and private skippers were invited to take part into the project. AIS and on board navigation software are an essential part in the project. The various locks on the route get access to the data of the ships e.g. position, expected time of arrival, sizes, etc. They are also able to send information back. Different logistic parties participate as well in the project in order to promote the waterway transport. The SIF project is a cooperation between VNF and the Wallonian waterway executive. The project is funded by the EU within the framework of RIS.


RIS Serbia: Development of River Information Services in the Republic of Serbia

Execution 2009 - 2012
Financed by EU Delegation in Serbia
Project Consortium: Selex System Integrati, Periskal cvba
The overall objective of the programme for RIS implementation along the Serbian Danube is to improve the safety and efficiency of inland waterway navigation on the Danube. The purpose of the contract is to develop, install and integrate the RIS system for operations and usage by the RIS Provider and users. The contract includes the training of the users and the administrators as well as the initial system operation support.

Summary RIS Serbia:

  • Installation of 264 vessels with navigation equipment:
    Periskal Inland ECDIS Viewers,Transponders, Radars, …
  • Installation of AIS Base stationnetwork
  • Installation of 15 Base stations: racks + antennas
  • Setting up and architecture of RIS components eg.
  • Tracking & tracingsoftware components
  • AIS central database
  • User management
  • Monitoring application for AIS and IT network
  • Electronic reporting (ERI)
  • Notice to skipper (NTS)
  • ECDIS production platform
  • Setup of D4D system
  • Setup of IALA DGPS systems
  • Hull database
  • International data exchange
  • Setup of RIS centre
  • Lock management application



Summary BULRIS:

  • Shore based ECDIS
  • Web based T/T application
  • User management


Other realised projects

  • Hymedis
  • Datram
  • Slovak RIS
  • Inland ENC production Flanders (Belgium)
  • Sava RIS
  • Iris II involvement for VNF


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